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Department of Psychology

Our department is an interlinked and close community of active researchers who want to make people’s lives better. The impact of their research can be measured locally, regionally, nationally and globally, and touches people’s lives every day.

Many of our staff and students are involved in community or charitable trusts in addition to their academic practice or study, and we have close ties with the British Psychological Society. We are committed to developing our field through our research, practice and educating future psychologists.

When you study psychology with us, you'll be learning from world-leading researchers in fields such as face blindness, neuropsychology and clinical psychology and will have the opportunity to get involved in various research projects. We also have excellent equipment in our testing suite, where you can conduct your own research, as well as act as a subject in other students' research projects.

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Our staff

Meet our academics and learn more about their expertise and research.
Postgraduate courses

Postgraduate courses

Find out more about our postgraduate courses and see how they could further your development.

Research Institutes and Centres

Ageing & Dementia Research Centre promo

Ageing & Dementia Research Centre

Discover how we're contributing to research into dementia and providing support to community initiatives to help people live well with dementia.
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Centre for Behaviour Change

Aims to develop knowledge of the psychological factors underlying health, health behaviours and wellbeing, and develop strategies and interventions for improvement.
Cognition and Cognitive Neuroscience Research Centre

Cognition and Cognitive Neuroscience Research Centre

The centre works to develop knowledge of the cognitive and neural processes underlying typical and atypical behaviour, with research in three main areas: face processing, attention & memory, and visual cognition.


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