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Department of Life & Environmental Science

Department of Life & Environmental Science staff

Head of department

  • Professor Richard Stillman - Ecology and behaviour of birds. Predicting the effect of environmental change on birds. Ecological modelling.

Head of consultancy

Academic staff

  • Dr Demetra Andreou - Freshwater fish parasitology, host-parasite interactions and impacts on host populations.
  • Professor Robert Britton - Fish biology and ecology. Impacts of invasive fish species. Spread of diseases associated with invasive fish species.
  • Dr Elena Cantarello - Assessment of forest habitat condition. Dynamics of forest ecosystems under different disturbance regimes (harvesting, fire, grazing, pest, climate change). Spatial modelling. Evaluation of ecosystem services. Carbon management. Green technologies and renewable energy. Green economy.
  • Dr Marin Cvitanovic - Land use and land cover changes; human-environmental interactions; cultural geography; regional and national identities. 
  • Dr Anita Diaz - Pollination biology. Ecological restoration. Grazing ecology.
  • Dr Genoveva Esteban - Microbial ecology, biodiversity and biogeography.
  • Dr Luciana Esteves - Coastal processes. Erosion and flood risk management. Managed realignment. Shoreline change. Coastal management. Human-induced and climate change impacts on coasts.
  • Andrew Ford - Geoarchaeology. Glaciology. Geomorphology. Mass-movement. Remote sensing (airborne laser scanning, terrestrial laser scanning, photogrammetry, Synthetic Aperture Radar).
  • Dr Daniel Franklin - Environmental science. Phytoplankton ecology. Aquatic microbiology. Flow cytometry. Biological oceanography. Cyanobacteria.
  • Dr Phillipa Gillingham - Ecology and conservation of upland ecosystems. Effects of climate change on species distributions and conservation.
  • Tilak Ginige - Environmental law, Environmental Liability and Sustainable Development Law.
  • Dr Duncan Golicher - Landscape ecology. Deforestation. Landscape change. Species distribution modelling. Spatial modelling.
  • Dr Iain Green - Forensic investigation. Pollution ecology. Trace metal homeostasis and detoxification in cells. Soil science.
  • Dr Emilie Hardouin - Population genetics and evolutionary ecology.
  • Dr Paul Hartley - Functional genetics. Invertebrate and human cardiovascular physiology, biological rhythms and ageing.
  • Dr Roger Herbert - Marine and coastal ecology and conservation.
  • Professor Ross Hill - Remote sensing of forests and habitats.
  • Dr Kathy Hodder - Restoration and conservation ecology. Small mammal ecology.
  • Dr Amanda Korstjens - Behaviour, ecology and conservation of primates and other animals.
  • Dr Wei-Jun Liang - Biological sciences. Cell and molecular biology.
  • Dr Kevin McGhee - Translational and psychiatric genetics.
  • Professor Adrian Newton - Forest conservation ecology. Restoration ecology.  Landscape ecology. Sustainability science and the green economy. Spatial modelling. Ecosystem services.
  • Professor Chris Shiel - Sustainability. Leadership for sustainable development. Green attitudes values and behaviours. Sustainable food cities. Sustainable consumption. Fairtrade. Globalisation and social injustice. Green economy. Gender issues. E-learning.
  • Dr Rick Stafford - Marine biology. Computational ecology. Statistics. E-learning.
  • Dr John Stewart - Ice age refugia. Human evolution. Reconstructing quaternary environments.

Demonstrators and technicians

  • Paola Barbuto - Zooplankton ecology and taxonomy. Coastal and marine microbiology, biodiversity and conservation. Oceanography, marine mammal behaviour and acoustic pollution. Fishery economics and aquaculture. Micro analytical techniques.
  • Dr Dean Burnard - Aquatic ecology. Invasive species management.

  • Dr Elizabeth Franklin - Pollination biology. Behavioural ecology and entomology.

  • Harry Manley - Cultural geography. Mapping. Spatial survey. Historic landscape evolution.