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Uncovering the past

Durotriges Big Dig 2016

Each year our international team of academics, students, volunteers and support staff combine to discover incredible archaeological finds that help to reveal the history of southern Britain, solving many unanswered questions.

The Durotriges Project is an archaeological investigation studying the transition from the late Iron Age to the early Roman period in southern England, and we run it every year as a summer field school. Students on a number of our archaeology courses are able to gain hands-on experience at a fascinating site, while anyone else with an interest in archaeology, Dorset's history, or the project as a whole is welcome to join us for the excavation. Find out more about what's involved if you join the project, or book your place.

We have been running our summer field school at the Durotriges site in Winterborne Kingston since 2009 and have unearthed some incredibly significant finds, giving us a greater insight into the late Iron Age and early Roman history in this part of the country. Download this extensive article 'Finding Duropolis' (pdf 2.3mb) from Current Archaeology magazine to learn about the project's full history. 

A free exhibition of artefacts and information about the project is on display in the Atrium Gallery, Poole House on Talbot Campus until 27 May 2017.

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Students on the following degrees participate in this summer field school as part of their course:

BA (Hons) Archaeology & Anthropology

BSc (Hons) Archaeology

MSc Archaeology

MSc Osteoarchaeology