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Sharing perspectives and expertise is a key part of the role our Public Involvement in Education and Research (PIER) Partnership plays in BU’s health and social care courses.

We are linked with 87 organisations locally and nationally and the BU PIER Partnership members, who contribute across the Faculty of Health & Social Sciences. Because of this, we take a keen interest in the stories and initiatives that affect those organisations, our affiliates, and members.  

We will use this page to regularly highlight important news and views from our region.

Patient Participation Groups (PPGs)

7 February 2018

What does a PPG do ?

The job of a PPG is to represent the views and interests of patients and the local community.

All PPGs are different but the things they do include:

  • Helping to produce GP practice newsletters and information leaflets
  • Carrying out patient surveys to find out what patients think about certain services
  • Feeding back ideas and concerns to help shape services and improve patient experiences
  • Help to organise health promotion events

Many PPGs have a main group whilst using online tools (such as email) to communicate with their wider patient group.